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Bud Swell on the Grapevines

In Italian, this phase of the bud development (and the vegetative cycle of the vine) is called the cotonosa phase because a cotton-like film develops on the bud as it swells up.

In English, it is called bud swell.

Bud swell in grapevines is an early stage in the growth cycle of grapevines. It typically occurs in the spring as temperatures begin to rise after dormancy. During bud swell, the buds on the grapevines start to swell and become more visible. This stage marks the beginning of the growth of new shoots and leaves. It's a crucial time for grape growers as they monitor the progress of bud development to assess potential yields and manage vineyard activities such as pruning, and irrigation. Bud swell is followed by bud break, when the tiny new leaves emerge from the buds, signaling the start of the growing season.

This Bud Swell happens to be on our 3 year old La Crescent grapevine.

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