2017 Cabernet

Appellation: Columbia Valley

Vineyard: Mystic Wines

Alcohol: 14.8

Oak: Neutral


Cabernet sauvignon (pronounced “kab-er-nay saw-vin-yawn”) wines are full-bodied reds with high tannin levels and moderate acidity. Cabernet was created in the 1600s in France as a blend of sauvignon blanc and cabernet franc, but today it’s made around the world, and as such, is the most popular wine variety in the world.


This is a beautiful Cab. Currently showing aromas of cherry and currant. Joined on the palate by hints of almond and spices.  Complex, rich, and fruity, tart dark cherry in the nose, full ripe red stone fruit in the mouth with a kiss of toast. This wine is barrel aged to perfection.


Cabernet is often paired with meals, particularly smoked meats, beef, lamb, and hard cheeses.


2017 Cabernet Sauvignon